Credit Repair Roadmap

How credit repair works

How long it takes?

3 to 6 months on an Average 
NOTE: Every client’s profile is UNIQUE, therefore in rare cases it could exceed 6 months
Full Credit Sweep (We Challenge All Negative Items on Your Credit Report)
  • 3 months of credit monitoring included
  • Monthly audit (With monthly call)
  • 24/7 Access to Client Portal
  • Unlimited customer support
  • Designated Finance Specialist
  • Credit Education

Taking Your Credit Score to New Heights!

Challenge & Remove Negative Items

We challenge every incorrect & negative item on your credit report. From Collections, Repos, Charge Offs, Hard Inquiries, Late Payments, Student Loans and More!

Add Good Credit

We help you open specifically selected accounts/cards to add positive items to your credit report.

Educate & Assist

We teach you how to continue to build and keep your new high score.

We are Here to Help You Obtain Your Financial Goals

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